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Endurance Corner was founded in 2007 in Boulder, Colorado with the goal of providing elite level coaching, training camps and frequent sports-related editorials through our website. Over the years our team of coaches has grown to include some of the sport's best minds and athletes.

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Alan Couzens

Coaching Roster full for 2015.

My benefit to you, as an athlete looking to discover your potential, is that I am a lifelong student of the sport of triathlon with exposure in equal measures to sports science theory:

- Masters degree in Sports Science (2000)
-Triathlon Coach (2007)
- NASM Performance Enhancement Specialist (2002)
- NSCA Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (2000)
- ASCA Level II Swim Coach (1996)
- ASCA Level I Strength and Conditioning Coach (1994)

And putting this theory into practice at all levels from novice to the very elite:

  • Australian Institute of Sport Practicum with the Olympic Swim Team (1996)
  • Coaching Apprenticeship with Doug Frost, coach of multiple world record holder, Ian Thorpe (1996)
  • Head Coach of #1 State Swim Squad – Jones Developmental Squad (1998)
  • Coach and consultant to a wide array of triathletes:
  • First time Ironman athletes
  • Kona qualifiers
  • Elite triathletes

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Marilyn Chychota

Marilyn has been involved in elite sport since she was 9 years old and is the rare athlete whose resume includes professional competition in three different sports: equestrian show jumping, cycling and triathlon.

As a child in Alberta, Canada, she began show jumping and quickly found herself on the international stage jumping at the Grand Prix Level. By the age of 21 she was one of the youngest level three show jumping coaches in Canada. She continued her career as a pro and coach with a trained stable of 30 horses and riders competing at a national level.

Meanwhile she started pursuing triathlons as an age grouper. Success came quickly. She found her calling and became a pro triathlete in 2003, racing to podium positions at Ironman events around the world, including winning Ironman Malaysia in 2004.

While she was racing as a pro triathlete, she was also competing as a pro cyclist. Since 2000 she has raced in more than 300 bike races, including competing in the full NRC circuit, Canadian Road and TT Nationals, the Australian Road and TT Nationals, and the Women's New Zealand Tour and World Cup. In addition to winning stage races, she has won several state championships in both TT and criterium racing.

Marilyn trained under some of the greatest coaches in the sport, including Ironman World Champion Scott Molina and world champion coach Brett Sutton. As well as top cycling coaches such as Kurt Innes. Her experience with the top coaches has helped further develop her coaching style.

Since 2002, Marilyn has worked as a triathlon coach to both amateurs and professionals, and has coached multiple clients to world championships qualifications in both the 70.3 and ironman distance. Many of these athletes secured podium positions in their races and USAT All-American Status.

She's lived, raced and trained throughout the world including New Zealand, Australia, North America, Asia, South America and Europe. Her appreciation and interaction with various cultures gives her a unique perspective and comfort level in working with clients based internationally.

Her philosophy as a triathlon coach is to create an environment that enables athletes to develop confidence in their abilities and to have opportunities to understand their tendencies. A teacher at heart, Marilyn enjoys sharing with her athletes the incredible gifts of knowledge she has learned and continues to learn from the best in the sport.

Marilyn is currently working full time as a triathlon coach with Endurance Corner which she has been a part of since 2008. While she specializes in coaching elite age groupers and serves as a consultant/coach to pro triathletes, Marilyn also has a deep background working with beginners, developing athletes and experienced competitors taking on new challenges. She continues to actively race and enjoy the sport that she loves.

If you want to speak directly to Marilyn, contact her via e-mail or follow her on Twitter @chychota.

Justin Daerr

Coaching Roster Full for 2015

During my senior year in high school, in Houston, Texas, I was required to write weekly journals in my English class. As I ran out of things to write about, I jotted down a bucket list that included doing an Ironman triathlon one day; regardless of the fact that I did not regularly swim, bike or run in any fashion. Following my freshman year in college, a friend asked me if I wanted to do an Olympic distance triathlon the following weekend and I said “sure.” A year later, after my sophomore year in college, I found myself toeing the line for my first Ironman triathlon. I had a goal of breaking 13 hours and despite a frequent urge to lie down in the last few miles, I crossed the finish line in 12:55.

I remember being amazed at the speed of the athletes at the front of the race and I wanted to learn what it took to be like them. The next couple years involved plenty of swim, bike, run, but it also involved a lot of time reading and learning as much as I could about triathlon and conditioning. It paid off when I competed in my second Ironman, just before graduating college, and finished in 9:20, winning my age group for the first time. The following year I competed in Ironman Hawai'i finishing as the top American Amateur at the age of 23.

Over the last decade I have continued to search for ways to become a better athlete and it has been a constant learning process. In that time period I took myself from a 13-hour finisher to an Ironman Champion, with a personal best of 8:13:35.

My journey as an athlete has been paralleled with my journey as a coach. My first encounter with coaching came in 2002, when I started a beginner triathlon program at Texas A&M and after graduating, I attended a USAT Level 1 certification clinic in 2004. I joined Endurance Corner in 2007 shortly after its founding and now serve as the company's Chief Operating Officer and co-owner.

  • Ironman Boulder Champion
  • 8:13:35 Ironman Personal Best
  • 2x 2nd Place Iron-Distance Finishes
  • 6x Podium Iron-Distance Finishes
  • 11x Top-5 Iron-Distance Finishes
  • 16x Top-10 Iron-Distance Finishes
  • 3x Ironman Hawai'i finisher
  • 27x Iron-distance finisher

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Sue Aquila

I started my first business in 1996 and I have learned that the practices that enable success in business can lead to success in triathlon. I run my training like my business and my business like my training.

My journey in triathlon started with a 50lb weight loss and continues with a Kona Qualification. I believe in having a plan and working your plan. I believe that triathlon training is a great tool to develop success in all areas of your life: family, health and work.

I take pride in interacting with you frequently by email, text and phone. You can expect a caring coach, an excellent communicator, and a strong leader with clearly defined goals. There is a depth to my craft and a true appreciation for technology and data when training. As an added bonus, I love exercise research/physiology/technology and enjoy finding the edge to what is possible.

I work with only a small team of athletes each year to give them my full attention.

  • USA Triathlon Certified Coach
  • Endurance Corner Tucson Camp Director
  • 2013 Ironman All World Athlete Champion Women 45-49
  • 3x Kona Qualifier and Finisher
  • USA Triathlon All-American
  • Age Group Champion Women 45-49 Ironman Louisville
  • Age Group Champion Women 45-49 Ironman Texas
  • Age Group Course Record Women 45-49 Ironman Texas 10:35:22

  • Entrepreneur
  • Speaker
  • Consultant

  • MS Sport Management from Indiana University School of Public Health
  • BS Psychology from St. Lawrence University

Please contact me at sue@fewoman.com. You can read my blog at FeWoman.com. You can read my Endurance Corner articles here.

Jeff Fejfar

I have always been involved in sports from baseball, tennis and soccer as a child, to surfing, skateboarding and volleyball as an adult. When my professional career as an airline pilot brought me to the Memphis area in 2006, I became involved and quite passionate with the sport of triathlon. This passion eventually led me to becoming a multisport coach. Having continually evolved my ability as an individual athlete while working as an airline pilot, a dedicated husband, a father and coach, I certainly understand the realities of mixing training with everyday life.

I have worked with over 30 athletes on building individual training schedules for races from 5ks to full iron-distance triathlons over the past five years. My vision has always been to help these athletes increase their skills, fitness, overall race performance and moving them forward to reach their goals. For some, that has been successfully stepping up in race distance or reaching a personal best, but for most it has been moving them from “back-of-the-pack” to “mid-pack”, “mid-pack” to “front-of-the-pack”, or even to the podium at USAT Nationals. I have also worked numerous camps and seminars and individually with athletes on their swim, bike or run skills.

Coaching credentials:

  • USA Triathlon Level I Certified Coach
  • USA Cycling Level II Certified Coach
  • TrainingPeaks Certified Coach
  • AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

Major athletic accomplishments in multisport:

  • 7x Half-ironman finisher and 4x 70.3 World Championship qualifier
  • 5x Ironman finisher and Kona qualifier
  • 5x Team USA qualifier
  • 2x USA Triathlon Sprint National Champion M35-39 – 2012, 2013

To learn more about Jeff, you can read his personal blog.

Gordo Byrn

Coaching Roster full for 2015

My athletic accomplishments are listed below but they are secondary to what makes me an effective coach. I believe the most relevant part of my athletic background is my journey from an obese “finance guy” to an elite athlete.

My athletic career started when I decided to go for a walk in 1993. That walk led me to my first season of triathlon (1999) and, eventually, to elite athletics (2001). Along the way, I logged a lot of miles and made many mistakes. This site offers me a vehicle to help you avoid most of the pitfalls that I discovered.

I have studied under the leading coaches in our sport: Scott Molina, John Hellemans, Dave Scott, Mark Allen and Joe Friel. What you will find here is a synthesis of my own experience with the teaching from these master coaches.

My preferred way to interact with athletes is shoulder-to-shoulder at the training camps that we host throughout the year. In my opinion, you will learn much more from a week spent living triathlon with me than just about any other investment you can make in your performance.

I am available for consultations at $275 per session including: running through your agenda via telephone, reviewing your notes as well as post-call follow up. I find the post-call follow-up is essential to make sure that we communicated effectively.

Athletic Highlights:

  • World Champion Ultra Distance (2002)
  • Multiple podium finishes at international races (2003/2004/2005/2006)
  • Swim, bike, run across America (2004) and New Zealand (2010)
  • Personal best of 8:29 at Ironman Canada (0:51 Swim, 4:48 Bike, 2:46 Run -- 2004)
  • Co-Author Going Long (over 50,000 copies sold)

Click my name (above) to contact me with your needs. If I can't help then I'll try to find you someone that can.

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Gina Kehr

My coaching philosophy is that coaches all have the same widgets. We (and even you) know the workouts but where I find coaching to be different is in the relationship between the athlete and the coach. Having been coached most of my athletic career, I know how important that relationship is. I work hard to accommodate your needs and want to make our relationship successful.

You will find that I am honest, direct, will work with you and, if you need it, against you to help you push through barriers.

I can relate. I have been there. I started as a novice age-group triathlete and have memories of getting dropped on club bike rides. Through the knowledge that I’ll share with you, I became an established professional triathlete able to compete in Olympic Trials as well as Ironman World Championships where I have been able to achieve Top 10 (overall) finishes. I feel my accomplishments dictate my work ethic and commitment.

My life experiences throughout my professional career range from holding a full time career, dealing with sidelining injuries, having two children; all allow me to relate on many levels and help you to understand balance and training.

I believe coaching is a team experience and my ultimate goal is to teach you how to coach yourself. Words that I love: empowerment, motivate, fast, inspiration. Phrases that I love: train like a pro, go past yourself, get out of your own way, be purposeful in your training. The races that I love: Ironman World Championships, Kona, Hawaii.

Please feel free to contact me if you would like to see if I may be the coach for you. If you would like to see more of my athletic accomplishments you can see them here.

Ron Tribendis

I have been an athlete my entire life, playing baseball and basketball through high school and college. During chiropractic school, I developed an interest in Triathlon, and after competing in a few small triathlons in 2004, I successfully completed my first Ironman.

I supplement my personal experience with extensive knowledge in human physiology, biomechanics and ART (active release technique) as well as extensive research on periodization training, performance testing, nutrition and recovery techniques. All of these components combine into a comprehensive approach to my personal racing and training philosophy and my customized coaching.

I continue to learn and develop as a triathlete and coach. I am a big believer that in order to achieve success in the sport of triathlon you need patience and truly love to "do the work."

- Licensed Doctor of Chiropractic
- Active Release Techniques (ART) certified
- Completed more than 10 Ironman Races
- Hawaii qualifier
- 3 time 70.3 championships qualifier
- USA Triathlon Level 1 certified

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