Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The 40 Boring Weeks

by Chris McDonald

Some of us are coming up on our big goals for the 2012 season. For others it may be time to shut it down or ramp it up -- all depending on your goals for the year or years to come.

As I was out riding the other day I got to thinking about some of my athletes and their years as well as myself and my plans. I started thinking about training and some of the questions I get asked.

Often I will have someone come to me and ask me to help them with a 12 week plan to prepare for their A race. I am 100% sure you can scour the Internet and you will find a 6-, 8-, 10- or 12-week ironman plan. I have to be honest, this has never made sense to me. Sure there is a place for a 12-week plan to your first sprint or Olympic tri, but an ironman?

I have always looked at the year and thought that success comes from the 40 boring weeks in training and not that “12 weeks” that all you are really doing is putting the touches or “icing” on the cake.

I have seen many examples of this when people swing with whoever is the coolest coach of the season. All they are really doing is mixing up the training and getting a response from their bodies. If you have never gone long and then you do, you are probably going to get a response. But eventually you just can’t keep going longer, so you rest up and do some shorter more intense training… yep, you are most likely to get a response again.

The thing about this is all those hours, days, weeks and months of the preceding years don't go away! They are the 40 boring weeks or the “cake“ that you will need to put the “icing” on some day.

When you are getting ready to go out and do your next session and you think it is kind of boring, remember it is the 40 boring weeks when no one is watching that makes champions.

Chris "Big Sexy" McDonald is a multiple-time Ironman champion. You can follow him on Twitter @bigsexymcdonald and on his blog at Chris-McDonald.net.
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