Sunday, December 21, 2014

Having Priorities

This time of year can be challenging for a lot of age group athletes when it comes to time management of all the holiday commitments or just simply dealing with the balancing act of off season training. Whether athletes have next season's races in stone or they are still attempting to finalize those decisions, this period can leave them “all over the place” with their training and focus.

Squat Technique

Learn proper back squat technique from Coach Marilyn Chychota:

Learn more about Marilyn's recommendations for breakthrough strength training for endurance athletes.

Year End Reflections

As a coach you feel a lot of the same emotions as your athletes. Everything from elated with success, disappointed with defeat, motivated and driven with new goals as well as frustrated when things seem to not be working. Your season is our season and it is at this time of year that we like to reflect and learn from our successes and our failures.

Mobility, Strength and Power Training for Endurance Athletes

Interested in a winter strength training program? Coach Marilyn has designed a high level strength and conditioning program for triathletes and endurance athletes.

Guess Your Age

Shock and awe.

I don’t know why, but I recently saw my true self in the mirror. Not the every day, I towel my hair dry and I just need to make sure I don’t look like a brunette Billy Idol mirror check. No, for some reason I stood in front of the mirror and saw that I have developed a patch of gray hair. And not the Bonnie Raitt cool patch of gray.

No, this is more like the mature older man’s temple gray. Except I am not mature, nor old and definitely not a man.

What We Learned from Kona this Year

While this year's Kona has already started to fade from most triathletes' memories, if you plan on racing there next year, it's important to start thinking about some of the challenges inherent in such a big event now.

Brake Pad Maintenance

EC team member TR Maloney walks us through brake pad maintenance.

December Steel Challenge

A few years ago, an idea came up on our forum to put together a “Steel Challenge.” The idea was basic enough: track the amount of weight you lift for one month. And while adding up the amount of heavy stuff we picked up and put down may or may not have been the best measurement of work, it was certainly the simplest and easiest tracking method.

So Now What?

In my last article I covered what to do when you take an offseason. Assuming you took a break from the swim, bike, run world, the next question is: So now what? The answer, as with many things is: “It depends.”

Should Triathletes Use Activity Trackers?

After my bike wreck this summer, my first priority was to keep moving. I started walking the morning after my accident. I haven’t stopped walking since my accident.

Coming Back From a Layoff - Part 2: The Long-Term Break

Coming back from a long layoff doesn’t have to be hard, but it is not something that will just happen.

More or Less

Before offering advice, I like to ask:

Are you willing to change?

Now, at the early stage of a relationship, the answer is always YES!

However, the reality is most people are not able to change and that leaves the advisor with one tool… the manipulation of “more or less.”

Planning Your Nutrition Focus

After smashing my ribs and clavicle this season, I decided to use my down time to work on learning more about nutrition. Once cleared to restart my Kona prep, I focused on chasing elite level body composition (women less than 18% body fat).

Should I Ride with a Power Meter?

As the season winds down and the training days get shorter we have time to think about next season’s goals and to look into the gear we want to get. It’s a good time to ask yourself, “Should I be riding with a power meter?” I have used a power meter for the last five years, so my answer is of course: absolutely!

The End of Your Season

At the end of the triathlon race season the two most common mistakes I see are athletes wanting to run a marathon or athletes taking way too long a break postseason.

Good News for Athletes' Hearts

Here’s some good news for triathletes on the “too much exercise” front. A recent report in the International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health takes a look at the heart health of recreational triathletes. The study deserves our attention.

How "Off" Should I Be?

People have different definitions of “off” when it comes to defining an offseason. For some, it truly means a break in any and all activity. For others, it can just mean they do whatever they feel like for a while. For myself, it has changed over the years and what I did 10 years ago is not the same as what I do now.