Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Countering Bad Advice About Exercise

The extreme exercise debate has popped up again with a Danish study noting that strenuous exercisers might not have a mortality rate statistically different than the sedentary people. I think the statistics of their argument are weak but the headline certainly got my attention.

Shoulder Flexibility: Shoulder Reach Mobility

Coach Marilyn Chychota demonstrates an exercise to improve shoulder reach mobility.

Learn more about Marilyn's recommendations for breakthrough strength training for endurance athletes.

Treadmill Hill Workouts

I always prefer to run outdoors, but sometimes the weather or other circumstances prevents a solid workout from happening. Over the years, I have come to embrace the treadmill and take advantage of what it has to offer. A lot of athletes like that a treadmill allows you to lock into a pace without having to think about it, but I actually prefer the treadmill for another reason: controlling the incline.

Shoulder Flexibility: Lying Rotator Cuff Stretch

Coach Marilyn Chychota demonstrates a stretch to open up your chest and rotator cuffs to benefit your swimming.

Learn more about Marilyn's recommendations for breakthrough strength training for endurance athletes.

A Comeback Case Study

One of my favorite quotes is from "Rocky Balboa" about life. Rocky tells his son how, "Nobody is gonna hit as hard as life." He goes on to say, "But it ain't how hard you can hit, it's about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward..."

You could say life gave me a nasty upper cut right to the chin a couple years ago, that resulted in losing my fitness and gaining lots of fat. Then I lost the itch to train and race.

How to Choose a Power Meter

If you are thinking about starting to use a power meter you will have to choose the right one for your needs and budgets. Over the last five years the market for power meters has exploded and we now have a large -- sometimes bewildering -- range of options, all with their own advantages and disadvantages.

How to Lose Fat with Core Nutrition

Recently, the New York Times wrote about the best time of day to train for fat loss. I’ll save you searching the article and let you know that it’s the morning on an empty stomach.

These sorts of articles have wide appeal to the common fallacy that ideal body composition is a result of optimizing our depletion strategy.

A far more effective approach is to look at the quality of your Core Nutrition.

Swim Challenge Follow Up

For over five years, Endurance Corner has put together a swim challenge for our athletes and for the last two years, we have posted daily workouts on our site to help encourage a broader participation level. If you are interested in seeing the workouts we posted this year, you can find them here.

Interview with Tim Floyd of Magnolia Masters

In this podcast, we discuss USRPT application for triathletes with Tim Floyd of Magnolia Masters.

Two New Things

Each winter I try to find a couple of new things to try in the upcoming year. We had our Boulder Coaches Clinic last month and I found my two tweaks for 2015.

EC Swim Challenge 2015

Every year Endurance Corner puts together a two-week challenge for our athletes to up their swim training during the dead of winter. Like last year, we wanted to expand this challenge beyond our team and encourage anyone who visits the EC site to join us.


A few years back, I insisted the production side of our business move to measuring in the metric system. Why? Accuracy. There is a reason drug dealers measure in grams.

Having Priorities

This time of year can be challenging for a lot of age group athletes when it comes to time management of all the holiday commitments or just simply dealing with the balancing act of off season training. Whether athletes have next season's races in stone or they are still attempting to finalize those decisions, this period can leave them “all over the place” with their training and focus.

Mobility, Strength and Power Training for Endurance Athletes

Interested in a winter strength training program? Coach Marilyn has designed a high level strength and conditioning program for triathletes and endurance athletes.